8 Home Remedies To Treat Cavities Naturally

Caries is caused by the way one takes care of their oral hygiene, the food consumed, and the amount of fluoride present in the daily life. Both children and adults can be affected by the issue.

If you care for the health of your teeth and do not have enough money for the expensive treatments, then you should definitely try home remedies which will help you get rid of this issue in a natural way.

-Salt and lemon – Mix half a teaspoon of salt with a little lemon juice. This mixture should be used to make a type of massage on your gums. The massage should last for a few minutes. When you finish you should make a gargle preferably with warm water.

-Licorice – it is an antibacterial agent which can help you keep your teeth healthy. Use licorice powder to brush your teeth in order to get the wanted results.

-Garlic oil – For this treatment you should rub the garlic oil over the affected tooth to achieve the sensation of pain relief. Another possibility is to get into the habit of ingesting raw garlic, but we know that however much it helps to make your mouth healthier is not exactly pleasant.

-Indian gooseberry (Amla) – it is loaded in vitamin C and it can help you fight infections and the formation of cavities. Eat it on daily basis or make a tea by using ½ tsp of the herb and mix it with ½ glass of water.

-Moscow nut – nutmeg extract can improve the symptoms of cavities. Grate it and then mix it with some clove oil. Apply it on your teeth, doing it each day until the pain goes away.

-Clove – chew a clove in order to treat cavities. Once you chew it, the oils from the inside will be released. Keep the oil under your tongue in order to ensure the effectiveness.

-Sesame oil – the oil will help you fight the issue with teeth decay. Take 1 tbsp. of it and let it stay for 20 minutes, without swallowing or gargling it. Spread the same amount around the affected area.

-Saffron powder – apply some of the powder in the region that hurts, i.e. the affected teeth. Let it stay for a few minutes and then rinse it off with warm water.

Source: http://www.healthyandnaturalhouse.com/