Have You Ever Ate a Dessert For Breakfast? Try These Weird, But Effective Diets

This list contains the 5 weirdest diets and weight loss methods that have yet proved to be effective.

1. Dessert for breakfast

Want sweet? Surely after lunch you know how to get ice cream or some piece of cake. But did you ever eat a dessert for breakfast? A study found that obese adults who wanted to lose weight could achieve this with a rich carbohydrate, protein and dessert breakfast. The research found that respondents not only lost about 13 pounds after 4 months, but continued to lose after the program.

2. Beer and sausage

A man from Arizona, Evo Terra, was so in love with the combination of beer and sausage that he decided to eat only that for 30 days. The end result was he almost lost 10 kilograms. Counting calories, Terra daily consumed 1,500 calories from quality sausages and beer. According to him, it is important to eat organic, quality sausages. Although this diet has many proteins, many other nutrients are missing.

3. Diet with bacteria

What if your tendency to obesity depends on the bacteria in your stomach, not your diet? This theory is for Dr. Rafael Kelman, and he thinks that instead of carbohydrates and fats, we need to direct our energy to the bad and good bacteria in the body. According to a survey, good bacteria help reduce appetite. To increase the number of good bacteria, add a probiotic in your diet, or drink yogurt.

4. Fast Food Diet

Jared Fogl ate only sandwiches from Subway for a year, twice a day, and he even lost 100 pounds. His impressive weight loss made him a spokesman for the Subway, but also an inspiration for many others. Recently, Christine Hall from Virginia did the same, but her diet lasted 2 years. She used the declarations that wrote the number of calories for each meal from Subway and successfully lost 34 pounds.

5. Diet with cabbage soup

This mode resembles a fast diet and lasts for 7 days. All week you should eat only cabbage soup. Many people who had tried this diet reported losing about 5 pounds. The soup contains onions, green peppers, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, celery and, of course, half cabbage. This diet works because although the soup has very few calories, you will feel saturated.